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Guides to Get High Score Coins in Piano Tiles 2

l new "Do not Tread white tile" craze has finally caught here in Tap Tap play and we are working with a major in Piano Tiles 2, a great game in the genre of black tiles tapping. If you've played, you know it's very difficult to get a high score satisfactory, so we are here to help you with any Piano Tiles 2 tricks: Tips and tricks to help you get the highest score you always wanted to do nothing illegal or gambling. Good ol 'skill and knowledge - that is the way to go!

Guides to Get High Score Coins in Piano Tiles 2

So if you are looking for ways to get bragging rights of your high score, visit our Tile Piano 2 tricks and tips below and you can get them!

1. Learn to play with two fingers

When I started playing Piano Tiles 2 on my iPad, I was using a finger. Obviously, you are slower if you use only one, so the best thing you can do is to master the use of two fingers or thumbs or forefingers. Thumbs are actually an option only if you play on an iPhone, but if you can leave, index fingers might be a better option. My strategy is pretty simple when it comes to optimizing the tap: with my left finger touch on the tiles in the first two rows (left) and the best is left for the last two. Some people alternate tapping and use a finger to each new faucet, but it becomes difficult when you have the left hand in the fourth row and you have to jump over your right to use the first row. Thus dividing the board into two parts and assigning a finger for each factory, the better!

2. Practice modes with slower pace

Classic and Zen modes Piano Tiles 2 can be considered easy game modes because you have growing there instead speeds and you have to find your own pace. This is good practice for the more difficult modes, so make sure you play often before focusing on Rush Arcade or which are pretty hardcore.

3. Change the fingers

If the two-finger method does not work, try to find something new that works for you. One of my friends has mad skills with the index and middle finger of the same hand: also try and find what works best for you!

4. Harnessing the rest reminder

Seriously, who needs it. Tap the More button in the main menu of the game and set the timer for the reminder rest. 5-6 minutes would be perfect but 10 might work well too. Just remember to rest your eyes regularly: not only helps your overall health, it also helps you get in shape as during rest periods should calm down and regain focus - things you will probably lose while playing several times and get angrier and angrier ...

5. Do not try to beat the best scores on the leaderboards

The best players with seemingly impossible scores on leaderboards are players who have hacked the game and its high scores Piano tiles are not real. Obviously, you can not beat players (using tools to simply edit your highest scores), but instead of focusing on beating the top scores for more real. Use your common sense and maybe ignore those high scores altogether and just compete with your group of friends.

6. Become a master of one level

The game modes are harder Arcade modes, Rush Relay and thanks to their ways "endless". Try to master one of them to play again and again - eventually, you will see better and better and your high scores are too surprised.

7. Remove the screen saver that can be

It is useful, I know, but the device requires the maximum possible sensitivity to "feel" the taps, so if you have the feeling that even though you're playing the right tile, the game does not see it, remove any screen protection you might have and try again.

For now, these would be our tips and tricks Piano tiles. Do you have any suggestions to help out other players ?? Let us know by commenting below!

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