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Top 10 Tips and Tricks and Cheat for Piano tiles 2

Piano Tile 2, formerly known as Do not touch the white mosaic, is the most popular game in the app store by far. It is a very simple game, with many game modes, everyone is more addictive than the last. Your goal in either mode is to get the best score possible, share and brag about it, and do it again. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for Piano Tiles 2!

Top 10 Tips and Tricks and Cheat for Piano tiles 2

10: Alternate your fingers as often as possible.

Always remember to use more than one finger playing this game. The only time you should be tapping a finger more than once in a row is when you have multiple consecutively next tile in the same row. Otherwise alternative two thumbs or two fingers for them to play at maximum speed.

9: Try to keep a steady pace to avoid mistakes.

This does not apply in Arcade or modes Rush, obviously, but otherwise, try to play at a constant speed, because if you are too rough with his herky tapping speed, it is very easy to make mistakes too often playing a piano tiles 2 .

8: Watch your speed increases in Arcade mode and Rush.

The increased speed will mostly screw up if you're not paying attention. Keep your eyes on the tiles and do not touch one more, or a tile, either because you're going to make you lose lose scenario.

7: Change the movement of tiles to optimize your score.

In the options menu you can alter the movement of tiles either be faster or softer. Piano Tiles  2 recommends the softest setting, and for most people, this will be the best option; However, if the teeth are cut into not step on the white piece, which could be more accustomed to the fastest setting, which will move exactly like that.

6: Setting the "take a break" alarm.

Piano Tile has an alarm that can be set to appear saying that taking a break after a certain time. When the alarm appears, actually take a break from the game because play for long at a time will cause your score to drop quickly because you'll end up concentrating too hard and psychologically itself after a while.

5: Practice as often as possible.

Pay attention to advice before taking frequent breaks, but the more you practice this, the more it will build your "mental muscle" and is played faster without even trying.

4: Look beyond the unrealistic results in Game Center to find real high scores in this piano Jays.

Most of the top scores for Piano Tiles 2 will be hacked accounts, and will be very obvious. Usually, it is the people whose scores are somewhere over $ 200 million, or Rush mode, which is displayed as a speed of 212,000 tiles per second. Keep scrolling to find the last real high scores. In the game modes older, you will take longer to find that in Relay and Rush.

3: Do you want to hack the game yourself? Use iExplorer, Explorer or a similar file archives.

Using one of these files (some of which are free and some of which cost money), you will be able to hack Piano Tiles 2 without jailbreak it. Explore around and find the code for the game, and his grades for each of the games will be scheduled somewhere. Scores are automatically cut at a certain level, so that all hackers on top of the scoreboard will have the same score.

2: You can turn off ads for free.

Normally you have to pay to turn off advertisements Piano Tiles 2, but you can disable them for free, at least until this trick is killed by a future update. Activate airplane mode in your phone, or turn off data and wifi, and ads will no longer appear as they require an Internet connection in order to appear. This is not recommended, however, since the ads are the way the developer to make money and thus producing more games.

1: Have fun with it!

Do not go too crazy about this game, despite how frustrating and difficult it is. Games are supposed to be fun. Enjoy playing, because the more you enjoy it more than you want to play, the less frustrated you will become, and the higher their ratings end up being.

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